Gate Valves Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Gate Valves Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Piping Projects India is one of the leading Gate Valves Manufacturer in India. These Gate Valves come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and dimensions, and they can also be customized to fit our client's specific requirements. We are a top Gate Valve Manufacturer worldwide. Our organization is one of the largest Gate Valves Supplier in India. We also offer these Gate Valves in customized sizes and thicknesses to meet our esteemed clients unique requirements at market-leading costs. In India, we manufacture Gate Valves and their types under international ASTM/ASME, ANSI, API, and DIN standards.

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Gate Valves Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Gate Valves

Gate Valves Manufacturer in India
Knife Gate Valve Manufacturer in India
Pressure Sealed Gate Valve Supplier in India

Gate Valves Manufacturers - Specifications

  • Design Standard: API 600/BS1414
  • Temperature Chart: 2” – 10” - Class 150, 300, 600 / 2” – 4” - Class 900 & 1500
  • Pressure: ASME B 16.34
  • Face To Face: ASME B 16.10
  • End Connection: Flanged End - ASME B 16.5 / Butt Weld End – ASME B 16.25


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What is Gate Valves?

Gate Valves are mechanical devices that control the flow of fluids in pipelines by fully opening or closing a passage within the valve body. A gate valve consists of a gate or wedge-shaped disc that travels perpendicular to the fluid flow. When the gate is lifted, the fluid flows, and when it is dropped, the flow stops.

One distinguishing aspect of Gate Valves is their capacity to form a tight seal when fully closed, preventing fluids from passing through the pipeline. Gate Valves are especially well-suited for applications requiring flow isolation, such as water distribution systems, oil and gas pipelines, and industrial processes. Gate Valves are typically employed when the flow needs to be entirely shut off or fully opened without any intermediary controls.

Best Gate Valves Suppliers - Available Stock

Piping Projects India is a leading Gate Valves Manufacturer in India. This gives a varied selection of alternatives, ensuring that customers have access to high-quality Gate Valves that may be customised to their specific application requirements. Gate Valves are available in a variety of diameters and options, some of which are shown here.

Gate Valves Chemical Composition

A prominent Gate Valves Manufacturer in India, specializes in ensuring exceptional quality through precise chemical composition. Our Gate Valves is dependable, robust, and performs optimally, meeting and exceeding industry standards in India and elsewhere.

Gate Valves Chemical Composition
Material Chemical Composition Typical Values
Cast Iron Iron (Fe), Carbon (C), Silicon (Si), Manganese (Mn), Sulfur (S), Phosphorus (P) C: 2.0-4.0%, Si: 1.0-3.0%, Mn: 0.5-1.0%, P: 0.1-0.3%, S: 0.02-0.1%
Ductile Iron Iron (Fe), Carbon (C), Silicon (Si), Manganese (Mn), Sulfur (S), Phosphorus (P) C: 3.2-3.9%, Si: 1.8-2.8%, Mn: 0.2-0.5%, P: 0.02-0.04%, S: 0.005-0.02%
Carbon Steel Iron (Fe), Carbon (C), Manganese (Mn), Silicon (Si), Sulfur (S), Phosphorus (P) C: 0.05-0.25%, Mn: 0.3-0.9%, Si: 0.1-0.35%, P: 0.04% max, S: 0.05% max
Stainless Steel Iron (Fe), Chromium (Cr), Nickel (Ni), Molybdenum (Mo), Carbon (C), Silicon (Si), Manganese (Mn) Cr: 10-30%, Ni: 8-12%, Mo: 2-3%, C: 0.08% max, Si: 1.00% max, Mn: 2.00% max
Bronze Copper (Cu), Tin (Sn), sometimes Aluminum (Al), Silicon (Si), Manganese (Mn) Cu: 80-95%, Sn: 5-20%, Al: 0-5%, Si: 0-5%, Mn: 0-5%
Brass Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn), sometimes Lead (Pb), Aluminum (Al) Cu: 55-70%, Zn: 30-45%, Pb: 0-3.5%, Al: 0-5%


Gate Valves are adaptable components utilized in a wide range of industries and applications that require efficient fluid management and dependable shut-off capabilities. One of the most common applications is in water distribution systems, such as municipal water delivery networks and irrigation systems. Gate Valves are also used in a variety of industrial activities, including chemical processing plants, power generation facilities, HVAC systems, marine applications, and fire fighting systems.

Gate Valves Mechanical Properties

As a top Gate Valves Supplier in India, Our Gate Valves offers superior mechanical properties, ensuring long-term endurance in critical applications. In India's industrial climate, our precision-engineered equipment performs well and lasts long.

Gate Valves Mechanical Properties
Material Tensile Strength (MPa) Yield Strength (MPa) Hardness (Brinell) Elastic Modulus (GPa)
Cast Iron 150 - 250 90 - 150 170 - 250 100 - 150
Ductile Iron 300 - 400 200 - 300 180 - 240 170 - 220
Carbon Steel 400 - 600 250 - 450 120 - 200 200 - 210
Stainless Steel 600 - 900 250 - 600 150 - 300 190 - 210
Bronze 200 - 400 100 - 300 70 - 150 100 - 110
Brass 300 - 550 150 - 400 80 - 140 90 - 105


Gate Valves are used in a variety of applications where accurate flow regulation and dependable shut-off are required. Water distribution systems, such as municipal water supply networks, irrigation systems, and wastewater treatment plants, are among the most common installation sites. They provide dependable shut-off, durability, and corrosion resistance, making them critical components for fluid control and regulation in a wide range of industrial applications.

Gate Valves Manufacturer in India

Gate Valves WIDELY USE IN?

  • Marine Applications: Gate Valves are used on ships, offshore platforms, and marine equipment to regulate the flow of saltwater, ballast, and other fluids in marine conditions.
  • Fire Protection Systems: Gate Valves are utilized in fire hydrants, fire suppression systems, and sprinkler systems to control the flow of water during fire emergencies.
  • Industrial Processes: Gate Valves are used in a variety of industrial processes, including pulp and paper mills, mining operations, food and beverage processing facilities, and wastewater treatment plants.
  • Building and Construction: Gate Valves are used in plumbing systems for residential, commercial, and institutional buildings to control the flow of water in pipes, faucets, and fixtures.

Gate Valves Product Parameters

Gate Valves Product Parameters
Model DN Face to Face
Hand wheel 
 Flange diameter 
 Hole center distance 
Hole number and aperture 
The flange thickness 
(containing water) T-mm
Boss height f-mm  Crown diameter 
Nominal Pressure
 50 150  138 165  125  4-Φ18  19 3  99  PN16
 65 170  173 185  145  4-Φ18  19 3  118
 80 180  173 200  160  8-Φ18  19  3  132
 100  190  200 220  180  8-Φ18  19  3  156
 125  200  230 250  210  8-Φ18  19  3  184
 150  210  230 285  240  8-Φ23  19  3  211
 200  230  270 340  295  12-Φ23 20  3  266
 250  250  350 395 350  12-Φ26 22  3  319
 300  270  350 445 400  12-Φ26 24.5  4  370

Things To Consider When Buying Gate Valves

Most Common Uses for Gate Valves

  • Architecture: Our materials have a considerable influence on the design of exterior walls, roofing systems, railings, and functional frameworks.
  • Foodservice: A fully equipped kitchen must feature tables and counters, sinks and appliances, as well as food preparation tools.
  • Industrial: Chemical processing equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, maritime equipment, and oil and gas equipment.
Petrochemical Industry Power Plant Chemical Industry
Filtration, Disinfection and Chemicals Oil & Gas

Application & uses of Gate Valves

  • Sugar Industry
  • Power Industry
  • Shipbuilding Industry
  • Mechanical and Plant engineering
  • Food, Beverage, and Dairy
  • Oil and Gas Plant
  • Process Instrumentation

Supplying Gate Valves to Following Cities:

Piping Projects India is a leading Gate Valves Manufacturer in India. We proudly supply high-quality Gate Valves to major cities in India. We are known in the market as the India’s leading Gate Valves Supplier for a long time.

Cities We Supply in India
Cities We Supply
Raigad Pune Nashik Nagpur Mumbai
Ahmednagar Rajkot Kolkata Vadodara Jalandhar

Gate Valves Manufacturer in India

Gate Valves Manufacturer in India
Gate Valves Supplier in India


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