Welding Electrode Weight Chart in kg, mm, PDF

Welding Electrode Weight Chart in kg, mm, PDF

Are you is in search of a Welding Electrodes Weight chart ? Our Welding Electrode Weight Chart is in kg, mm, PDF are available in kilograms (kg) and millimetres (mm). A weight table for Welding Electrodes of varying sizes and wall thicknesses is presented here, expressed in kilograms per meter (kg/m). It is important to note that is the weights provided in these tables are approximations and may differ based on the specific type of steel employed and the production methods utilized.

Welding Electrode Weight Chart in kg, mm, PDF

Which metal is used in welding electrodes?

The welding electrode is typically composed of a steel or wrought iron rod. At the same time, the surrounding flux material contains cellulose, silica, and various metal oxides like Fe, Mn, Al, Ti, Ca, and others [8, 38]. As the arc Welding Electrode Supplier in India which occurs, the electrode transforms, leaving oxide residues behind.

Welding Electrode Weight Chart

The weight of a Welding Electrode can vary depending on the size and thickness of the Electrode.

Check Our Welding Electrode Weight Chart In Mm, Kg, Pdf
Electrode Type Diameter (inches) Weight per Foot (lbs/ft) Weight per 1000 Feet (lbs)
E6010 1/8 0.104 104
E6013 1/8 0.104 104
E7018 1/8 0.104 104
E308L-16 1/8 0.104 104
E6011 3/32 0.047 47
E7014 3/32 0.047 47
E7018 3/32 0.047 47
E308L-16 3/32 0.047 47
E6010 5/32 0.167 167
E7018 5/32 0.167 167
E7018-1 5/32 0.167 167
E7018-3 5/32 0.167 167

Welding Electrode Weight Chart in mm, kg & pdf

Welding Electrode Weight Chart in mm, kg & pdf
Electrode Diameter (inches) Electrode Weight (lb/1000)
1/16 1.6
3/32 3.2
1/8 5.1
5/32 8.0
3/16 12.8
1/4 20.0
5/16 31.2
3/8 45.0
7/16 61.6
1/2 81.0

How Welding Electrodes Are Classified?

Welding electrodes can be classified into two main types: rod and wire. Rod electrodes consist of a wire wrapped around a metal core and are generally smaller in size. They are recommended for novice welders due to their ease of use. On the other hand, wire electrodes are made from a cable-like wire stretched between two metal plates and are considered more advanced and suitable for challenging welding tasks.

How is welding electrode thickness calculated?

To determine the leg size needed for a fillet weld, we treat the fillet weld as an isosceles triangle. The throat thickness divides the triangle into two right triangles, with the throat thickness on one side and the leg of the fillet weld as the hypotenuse. Therefore, the leg of the fillet weld can be calculated as L = T/COS(45) or approximately L = T/(0.7). The densities of a few common alloys can be calculated differently. To fill a one-meter length of the mentioned joint, the weight of weld metal would be as follows: for carbon steel, it would be 3985 grams or 3.98 kilograms per meter; for a 5XXX series aluminium alloy, it would be 1343 grams or 1.34 kilograms per meter.

What are the Most Common Uses of Welding Electrode?

  • Architecture: Building facades, roofing, railings, doors and windows.
  • Foodservice: Tables and countertops, sinks and appliances, and food preparation equipment are essential components in a well-equipped kitchen.
  • Industrial: The industrial sector encompasses various types of equipment, including chemical processing, pharmaceutical, marine, and oil and gas. These equipment are utilized in diverse industries for their respective purposes.
  • Other: Medical devices, jewelry, musical instruments.
Petrochemical Industry Power Plant Chemical Industry
Filtration, Disinfection and Chemicals Oil & Gas

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