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Piping Projects India is one of the leading Boiler Tube Manufacturer in India. The Boiler Tubes play a crucial role in the transportation of both vapour and liquid. The varying sizes and shapes of the Boiler Tubes often require the bending of several tubes to larger radii to prevent fine lines, exterior breaking, and aberrations. This practice results in an extended lifespan, contributing to the boiler's efficient and convenient operation.

Boiler Tube Manufactuer in India

What is Boiler Tube?

Boiler Tube play a important role in the construction of boilers, which are mostly use in various industries for steam or hot water generation. These tubes serve as conduits, facilitating the transfer of heat generated during the combustion process to water, ultimately producing hot water or steam. The design of Boiler Tube is specifically engineered to withstand high temperatures, pressure, and thermal stress, making them indispensable for ensuring the secure and efficient operation of boilers.

As a trusted Boiler Tube Supplier in India, our tubes are typically manufactured in adherence to stringent standards to guarantee their reliability and durability in demanding conditions. Timely maintenance and inspection of Boiler Tubes are of utmost importance in promptly identifying and resolving any issues, as the integrity of these tubes is critical for ensuring the safety and efficiency of industrial processes reliant on the generation of steam or hot water.

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Boiler Tube - Specifications

  • Size : 1/8" to 3"
  • Method : Cold Rolled & Cold Drawn
  • Wall Thickness : 2.3 ~ 40mm or 1/8" to 16"
  • Austenitic Steel : 301, 304, 304 H, 304 L, 310, 310,316, 316 L, 317, 317 L, 321, 347
  • Ferritic Steel : 409, 409 M, 410 S, 420, 430
  • Length : e.g., 20 feet or as per customer requirements


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What makes Boiler Tubes Different from Regular Tubes?

  • Boiler Tubes are highly designed to endure elevated temperatures and pressures within boilers and heat exchangers. This facilitates the proficient transmission of heat from combustion to water for producing steam in industrial applications. Distinguishing themselves from conventional pipes, these tubes exhibit distinct characteristics in construction, thickness, and ability to resist corrosion and thermal stress.
  • Regular tubes are highly versatile and are commonly use for transporting fluids or gases in various applications, including water supply, sewage systems, and gas pipelines. These Boiler Tubes are available in multiple materials and sizes to accommodate diverse conditions. It is important to note that regular Boiler Tubes are not designed to withstand the extreme conditions typically encountered in boilers, unlike Boiler Tubes.

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Boiler Tube Specifications, Sizes & Materials

Piping Projects India is a reputable Boiler Tube Supplier in India committed to providing dependable, high-quality solutions. These are the specifications for our boiler tubes.

Boiler Tube Grades & Materials Chart
Materials Grade
Stainless Steel 200 Series - 201, 202, 205.
300 Series
301, 302, 303, 304, 304L, 308, 309, 309S, 310, 310S, 314, 316, 316L, 316TI, 317, 317L, 321, 347.
400 Series
405, 409, 429, 430, 430F, 430FSe, 434, 436, 442, 446, 403, 410, 414,416, 416Se, 420,420F, 422, 431, 440A, 440B, 440C.
500 Series - 501, 502.
600 Series - 630 (17-4 PH).
Titanium Titanium 6-4, Gr 1, Gr 2, Gr 3, Gr 4, Gr 5, Gr 7, Gr 9, 5-2.5, 6-2-4-2, 6-4 ELI, 6-6-2.
Hastelloy C22, C276, X, B-2.
Monel 400, K500.
Nickel Alloy Nickel 200 Nickel 201, Alloy 20, Alloy 286, Alloy 218 (Nitronic 60), Nitronic 50 (XM-19).
Cupro Nickel Cu 90-10 (C70600,CW352H), Cu 70-30 (C71500, CW354H).
Inconel 601, 625, 660A, 718, X-750, 825, 925, 608.
Duplex / Super Duplex D S31803, D S32205, SD S32750, SD S32760, SD S32950.
Chromium Molybdenum Steel A387 Gr 2, A387 Gr 12, A387 Gr 11, A387 Gr 22, A387 Gr 22L, A387 Gr 7, A387 Gr 21, A387 Gr 21L, A387 Gr 9, A387 Gr 91.
Nichrome Alloy CrNi 20/80.
Copper ASTM B1, ASTM B2, ASTM B3, ASTM B152, ASTM B124, ASTM B133.
Brass Alloy 260, Alloy 272, Alloy 330, Alloy 353, Alloy 360, Alloy C48200 - C48500, Alloy 464.
Bronze Alloy 954, Alloy 933.
Case Hardening Steels 10C4, 15C8, 15Cr3, 16Mn5Cr4, 20MnCr5, 15Ni5Cr4Mo1, 15Ni5Cr4Mo2, 20Ni7Mo2, 20NiCrMo2, 14CrNi6.
En Series En8, En9, En19, En24, En30B, En31, En36, En45, En47, En48.
Mild Steel Sae 4118, Sae 4120, Sae 4120, Sae 4130, Sae 4135, Sae 4137, Sae 4140, Sae 4142, Sae 4145, Sae 4147, Sae 4150, Sae 4161, Sae 8620.

Premium Quality Boiler Tube Types We Supply

Piping Projects India is a leading Boiler Tube Supplier in the market. Our products are in various diameters, catering to diverse utility and intended purposes.

What Materials is Used to Make Boiler Tubes?

Boiler Tubes are Manufacture for various industrial applications and are crafted using various materials. Carbon steel emerges as a favoured option owing to its commendable resilience and cost-effectiveness, enabling it to endure moderate temperatures and pressures. Nevertheless, it may necessitate the application of protective coatings to avert corrosion.

Alloy steel is the favoured selection for power generation boilers due to its amalgamation of various alloys, such as chromium, molybdenum, and nickel, enabling it to endure extreme temperatures and pressures. Conversely, stainless steel is frequently employed in settings containing corrosive substances or elevated temperatures, such as the petrochemical and chemical processing industries, owing to its exceptional resistance to corrosion and remarkable performance under high temperatures.

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Boiler Tube of Size Chart

Boiler Tube of Size Chart
Length Size
16' 6" 2.5" 0.105 SA178A
18" 6" 2.5" x 0.105" SA178A
18' 6" 2" 0.105" SA178A
16' 6" 2" 0.105" SA178A
22' 6" 2" 0.105" SA178A
20' 6" 2" 0.105 SA178A
22' 6" 2.5" X 0.105" SA178A
20' 6" 2.5" X 0.105 SA178A
26' 6" 2.5" X 0.105" SA178A
24 6" 2.5" 0.105" SA178A
40 6" 2.5" 0.105" SA178A
28' 6" 2.5" 0.105" SA178A
20' O" 2.5" x 0.120 SA178A
26' 6" 2" X 0.105" SA178A
24' 6" 2" <0.105" SA178A
28' 6" 2" 0.105" SA178A
32' 6" 2" x 0.105" SA178A
40' 6" 15" x 0.120 SA178A
40' 6" 1.5" "x0.105" SA178A
40' 6" 1.5" x 0.150 SA178A
40' 6" 15" x 0.135 SA178A
40' 6" 1.75" 0.135 SA178A
40' 6" 15" x 0.180" SA178A
40' 6" 175° X 0.180" SA178A
40' 6" 1.75" x 0.150" SA178A
40' 6" 2" X 0.120" SA178A
40' 6" 2" 0.150 SA178A
40 6" 2" X 0.135 SA178A
40' 6" 2" X 0.165 SA178A
40 6" 2" 0.203 SA178A
40' 6" 2" x 0.180" SA178A
40' 6" 2" X 0.220 SA178A
40' 6" 2.5" 0.120" SA178A

How to Maintain and Inspected Boiler Tubes ?

Advantages of Using Boiler Tube

Boiler Tubes represent an optimal solution for applications requiring resistance to elevated temperatures. They can withstand extreme heat and pressure conditions, rendering them a dependable option for industrial processes, power generation, and heating systems. By effectively transferring heat from combustion to water, they generate steam or hot water for diverse purposes. Furthermore, their capacity to endure high temperatures without deformation or deterioration guarantees consistent and reliable performance in challenging environments.

How to Prevent Boiler Tubes from Rusting?

  • To maintain and extend the longevity of Boiler Tubes, it is imperative to prevent rust. Several coatings and techniques can be utilized to avert rust formation in Boiler Tubes .
  • Galvanization is considered one of the most effective methods for preventing rust in Boiler Tubes. This procedure involves coating the steel's surface with zinc to provide a barrier that provides protection. The zinc coating is designed to rust before the underlying steel, providing long-lasting protection against rust. Steel pipes that have undergone galvanization are commonly utilized in outdoor and water-related applications.
  • To prevent the formation of rust, Boiler Tubes may be coated with various substances that possess rust-inhibiting properties, such as polyethene, epoxy, or polypropylene. These coatings establish a barrier between the steel and its surrounding environment, impeding moisture and oxygen penetration onto the surface and the consequent onset of rust.
  • Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) products are known to release vapours that effectively inhibit the formation of rust and protect steel surfaces from corrosion. These products are commonly employed to preserve Boiler Tubes during transportation or storage.

Benefits of Water Tube Boiler Over Fire Tube Boiler

What are the Uses of Boiler Vent Tube?

The boiler vent tube is an essential element that enables the discharge of residual gases from the workplace, enhancing airflow and oxygen availability within the unit. Furthermore, using the Stainless Steel boiler flue tube leads to decreased carbon monoxide levels within the department. These tube are projected to have a lifespan of no less than 20 years and necessitate minimal maintenance. The Stainless Steel boiler exhaust tube conveys gases and hazardous materials that are combusted in the boiler outside the facility and releasing them into the environment.

Boiler Tube Outer Diameter

Boiler Tube Outer Diameter

Outer Diameter In mm

Permissible Variations In mm
Over (+) Under (-)
1 to 1 ½ (25.4 to 38.1), Incl 0.006 (0.15) 0.006 (0.15)
Under 1 (25.4) 0.004 (0.10) 0.004 (0.10)
Over 11⁄2 to 2 (38.1 to 50.8), Excl 0.008 (0.20) 0.008 (0.20)
21⁄2 to 3 (63.5 to 76.2), Excl 0.012 (0.30) 0.012 (0.30)
2 to 21⁄2 (50.8 to 63.5), Excl 0.010 (0.25) 0.010 (0.25)

What is an Steel Boiler Tube?

An Alloy Steel Boiler Tube is a specialized form of tubing intended for utilization in boilers, which are apparatuses employed to produce steam or hot water for diverse industrial, commercial, and residential purposes. These tubes are commonly crafted from alloy steel, a variant of steel that incorporates supplementary elements beyond carbon and iron to augment its characteristics, including robustness, capacity to withstand elevated temperatures, and corrosion resistance.

What are the Testing that Boiler Tube Undergoes with?

As we are a leading Boiler Tube Manufacturer in India, our Boiler Tube deliver to customer it undergoes various types of testing so that our clients recieve Boiler Tube made up of premium quality. Some of the Test our Boiler Tube undergoes highligted below.

What are Some of the Uses for Boiler Tube?

  • Architecture: Building facades, roofing, railings, doors and windows.
  • Foodservice: Tables and countertops, sinks and appliances, and food preparation equipment are essential components in a well-equipped kitchen.
  • Other: Medical devices, jewelry, musical instruments.
Petrochemical Industry Power Plant Chemical Industry
Filtration, Disinfection and Chemicals Oil & Gas

Supplying Boiler Tube to Following Cities:

Piping Projects India is a leading Boiler Tube Manufacturer in India. We proudly supply high-quality Boiler Tube to major cities in India. We are known in the market as the trusted Boiler Tube Supplier in India for a long time.

Cities We Supply in India
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Raigad Pune Nashik Nagpur Ahmednagar Mumbai
Ahmedabad Bangalore Chennai Vadodara Ludhiana Delhi

Boiler Tube Manufacturer in India

Boiler Tube Manufacturer in India

Boiler Tube Manufacturer in India

Boiler Tube Supplier in India

Boiler Tube Supplier in India


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