Copper Gasket Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Copper Gasket Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Piping Projects India is one of the leading Copper Gasket Manufacturer in India. Copper Gaskets have great mechanical qualities and are extremely robust. It is a swing valve that controls flow in a single direction. These gaskets are mostly constructed of pure copper, with minor amounts of silver added to increase their operating temperature. Our organization is one of the largest Copper Gasket Supplier in India. A copper o-ring head gasket has the benefit of being stronger and more malleable than other materials. This, together with copper's excellent temperature and pressure endurance, is advantageous for a variety of applications.

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Copper Gasket Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Copper Gasket

Copper Gasket Manufacturer in India
Copper Gasket Supplier in India
Copper Gasket Stockist in India

Copper Gasket Manufacturers - Specifications

  • Size: 1/2-36 Inch
  • Thickness: 10 mm-45 mm
  • Finish Type: Polished
  • Shape: Round


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Copper Gasket - Specifications

Piping Projects India is an esteemed Copper Gasket, is dedicated to providing with reliable, top-notch Gasket. Here are the specifications for Copper Gasket

Copper Gasket Supplier - Specifications, Standard, & Grades
Gasket Specifications
Product Name Copper Gasket
Thicknesses 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm
Class 150# TO 2500#
Temperature range -20°C to 120°C
Type of Gasket Metallic Gasket, Carbon Steel Gasket, Stainless Steel Gasket, Non-Metallic Gasket, Sanitary Gasket, CNAF Gasket etc.

What is Copper Gasket?

A Copper Gasket is a type of sealing component used in a variety of industrial applications that require high conductivity, malleability, and resistance to corrosion. Typically constructed of pure copper or copper alloys, these gaskets have various advantages over other materials like steel or rubber.

Copper Gaskets have good thermal conductivity, making them ideal for applications involving high temperatures and thermal cycling. They can effectively dissipate heat and keep their sealing qualities even in settings with high-temperature fluctuations, such as vehicle engines, electrical systems, and HVAC equipment.

Best Copper Gasket Suppliers - Available Stock

Piping Projects India is a leading Copper Gasket Manufacturer in India. It gives a variety of options, ensuring that customers have access to high-quality Copper Gaskets that may be tailored to their application requirements. Copper Gaskets come in a range of diameters and options, some of which are shown below.

Copper Gasket Chemical Composition

A prominent Copper Gasket Manufacturer in India, specializes in ensuring exceptional quality through precise chemical composition. Our Copper Gasket is dependable, robust, and performs optimally, meeting and exceeding industry standards in India and elsewhere.

Copper Gasket Chemical Composition
Element Percentage Range
Copper (Cu) 99.9% min
Oxygen (O) 0.04 - 0.07%
Phosphorus (P) 0.01 - 0.04%
Lead (Pb) 0.05% max
Iron (Fe) 0.05% max
Zinc (Zn) 0.05% max
Other elements 0.05% max each
Total others 0.30% max

WHERE CAN Copper Gasket BE USED?

Copper Gaskets are adaptable sealing components that are ideal for a wide range of applications requiring excellent conductivity, corrosion resistance, and malleability. One significant application is in the automotive industry, specifically in engines and exhaust systems. Copper Gaskets are often used to seal cylinder heads, exhaust manifolds, and other engine components because they can tolerate high temperatures and thermal cycling. Their exceptional thermal conductivity aids in heat dissipation, improving the overall performance and dependability of vehicle engines.

Copper Gasket Mechanical Properties

As a top Copper Gasket Supplier in India, Our Copper Gasket offers superior mechanical properties, ensuring long-term endurance in critical applications. In India's industrial climate, our precision-engineered equipment performs well and lasts long.

Copper Gasket Mechanical Properties
Mechanical Property Typical Value (Copper Alloys)
Tensile Strength 200 - 350 MPa
Yield Strength 50 - 300 MPa
Elongation 15 - 40%
Hardness (Rockwell B) 30 - 80 HRB
Modulus of Elasticity 110 - 130 GPa
Poisson's Ratio 0.30 - 0.35


Copper Gaskets are best suited for applications requiring high conductivity, corrosion resistance, and malleability. Automotive engines and exhaust systems are two of the most common places they are installed. Copper Gaskets are widely used to seal cylinder heads, exhaust manifolds, and other engine components because of their ability to endure high temperatures and thermal cycling. Their excellent thermal conductivity helps to dissipate heat efficiently.

Copper Gasket Manufacturer in India

Copper Gasket WIDELY USE IN?

  • Industrial Machinery: Copper Gaskets are used to seal joints and connections in a variety of industrial gear, including pumps, compressors, and hydraulic systems, where corrosion resistance and high temperature tolerance are critical.
  • Plumbing Systems: They are used in plumbing systems to seal fittings, valves and pipes, ensuring leak-free connections and inhibiting corrosion in water and gas pipelines.
  • Marine Applications: Copper Gaskets are used in marine engines, exhaust systems, and seawater cooling systems to ensure corrosion resistance and longevity in saltwater environments.
  • Power Generation: They are used in power generation facilities such as steam turbines, boilers, and generators to seal high-pressure, high-temperature components.

Copper Gasket Size Chart

Copper Gasket Size Chart
Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) Gasket Inside Diameter (ID) (mm) Gasket Outside Diameter (OD) (mm) Gasket Thickness (mm)
1/2" 12.7 20.7 2.0
3/4" 19.1 27.1 2.0
1" 25.4 33.4 2.0
1-1/4" 31.8 39.8 2.0
1-1/2" 38.1 46.1 2.0
2" 50.8 58.8 2.0
2-1/2" 63.5 71.5 2.0
3" 76.2 84.2 2.0
4" 101.6 109.6 2.0
5" 127.0 135.0 2.0
6" 152.4 160.4 2.0
8" 203.2 211.2 2.0
10" 254.0 262.0 2.0
12" 304.8 312.8 2.0

Things To Consider When Buying Copper Gasket

Most Common Uses for Copper Gasket

  • Foodservice: A fully equipped kitchen must feature tables and counters, sinks and appliances, as well as food preparation tools.
  • Architecture: Our materials greatly impact the design of exterior walls, roofing systems, railings, and functional frameworks.
  • Industrial: Chemical processing equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, maritime equipment, and oil and gas equipment.
Petrochemical Industry Power Plant Chemical Industry
Filtration, Disinfection and Chemicals Oil & Gas

Supplying Copper Gasket to Following Cities:

Piping Projects India is a leading Copper Gasket Manufacturer in India. We proudly supply high-quality Copper Gasket to major cities in India. We are known in the market as the India’s leading Copper Gasket Supplier for a long time.

Cities We Supply in India
Cities We Supply
Raigad Pune Nashik Nagpur Mumbai
Ahmednagar Rajkot Kolkata Vadodara Jalandhar

Copper Gasket Manufacturer in India

Copper Gasket Manufacturer in India
Copper Gasket Supplier in India


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