Carbon Steel Round Bar Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Carbon Steel Round Bar Manufacturer & Supplier in India is one of the leading Carbon Steel Round Bar Manufacturer in India. We concentrate on making Round Bar with superior mechanical properties such as high tensile strength, resistance, and strength. We ensure that all test certifications and required papers are supplied together with the goods. Our Company is one of the largest Carbon Steel Round Bar Supplier in India. Our organization provides several packaging and shipping alternatives to meet the needs of our loyal consumers. We conduct a wide range of quality tests, including hardness, mechanical and chemical tests, positive material identification, surface corrosion tests, and many more.

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Carbon Steel Round Bar Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Carbon Steel Round Bar

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Carbon Steel Round Bar Manufacturers - Specifications

  • Standards: ASTM A105, ASME SA105, EN, DIN, JIS, ASTM, BS, ASME, AISI
  • Finish: Cold (bright) drawn, centreless ground, hot rolled, smooth turned, peeled, slit rolled edge, hot rolled annealed, Rough Turned, Bright, Polish, Grinding, Centreless Ground & Black
  • Surface: Bright, Hot Rolled Pickled, Cold Drawn, Sand Blasting Finished, Polished, Hairline
  • Condition: Hardened & tempered, annealed
  • Technique: Hot Rolled, Cold Drawn, Cold Rolled, Forged Round Bar, Rod/li>
  • Tolerance: H8, H9, H10, H11, H12, H13K9, K10, K11, K12 or as per clients’ requirements
  • Form: Round, Rod, T-Bar, Channel Bar, Precision Ground Bar, Square, Blocks, Round Rod, Rings, Hollow, Triangle, Rectangle, Hex (A/F), Threaded, Half Round Bar, Profiles, Billet, Ingot, I/H Bar, Forging etc.


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WHAT ARE Carbon Steel Round Bar?

A fluid measurement system employs a variety of Washers, including the Carbon Steel Round Bar, which serve as the primary safeguard for safety and quality within the system. These Washers are utilized for a range of functions, including measuring, isolating, blocking, and bleeding static pressure, venting, pressure gauge differential pressure, and more. We are a leading Carbon Steel Round Bar Manufacturer and other different countries. The Instrumentation control Washers are operated under the guidance of a controller in order to effectively manage and regulate the flow of fluid. This enables precise control over various aspects of the process quality, including but not limited to level, temperature, and pressure, as well as direct control of flow rate.


We are a top notch Carbon Steel Round Bar Supplier, The most asked questions from client is How to choose the right instrumentation manifold Washers. The selection of appropriate instrumentation manifold Washers is of utmost importance in guaranteeing industrial processes’ safety, dependability, and efficiency. In order to arrive at a well-informed decision, it is imperative to carefully contemplate a multitude of pivotal factors.

Firstly, it is necessary to evaluate the application’s specific requirements, including pressure, temperature, and the type of fluid or gas being controlled. Secondly, the valve type, such as needle, ball, or double block and bleed Washers, should be determined based on the desired flow control and shut-off capabilities. The construction material should also be considered, ensuring compatibility with the process media and environment.

Best Carbon Steel Round Bar Suppliers - Available Stock is a leading Carbon Steel Round Bar Manufacturer in India. They're offering a wide range of options, ensuring that customers have access to high-quality Carbon Steel Round Bar that can be adapted to their individual application needs. Carbon Steel Round Bar comes in a variety of diameters and kinds, some of which are listed below.

Carbon Steel Round Bar Chemical Composition

A prominent Carbon Steel Round Bar Manufacturer in India, specializes in ensuring exceptional quality through precise chemical composition. Our SS Round Bar is dependable, robust, and performs optimally, meeting and exceeding industry standards in India and elsewhere.

Carbon Steel Round Bar Chemical Composition
Composition Grade 1A Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 6A Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11
Carbon, max 0.3 0.19 0.12 0.3 0.19 0.13 0.2 0.2 0.1
Manganese 0.40–1.06 0.31–0.64 0.50–1.05 0.29–1.06 0.90 max 0.90 max 0.40–1.06 1.15–1.50 0.60 max
Phosphorus, max 0.025 0.025 0.025 0.025 0.025 0.025 0.025 0.035 0.025
Sulfur, max 0.025 0.025 0.025 0.025 0.025 0.025 0.025 0.015 0.025
Silicon 0.18–0.37 0.08–0.37 0.10 min 0.13–0.32 0.13–0.32 0.10–0.35 0.35 max
Nickel 3.18–3.82 0.47–0.98 2.03–2.57 8.40–9.60 1.60–2.24 0.25 max 35.0–37.0
Chromium 0.44–1.01 0.15 max 0.50 max
Copper 0.40–0.75 0.75–1.25 0.15 max
Aluminum 0.04–0.30 0.06 max
Vanadium, max 0.12
Columbium, max 0.05
Molybdenum, max 0.05 0.50 max
Cobalt 0.50 max

WHERE DOES AN Carbon Steel Round Bar CAN BE USED?

Carbon steel round bars are widely utilised in a variety of industries due to their high strength, adaptability, and cost effectiveness. Carbon steel round bars are used in the construction sector for a variety of structural applications such as beam, column and reinforcement bar manufacturing. Their high tensile strength and longevity allow them to bear huge loads and structural stress, assuring the stability and integrity of buildings and infrastructure. Furthermore, carbon steel round bars are used in the production of fasteners such as bolts and screws, where their strength and ease of machining contribute to dependable and secure couplings.

Carbon Steel Round Bar Mechanical Properties

As a top Carbon Steel Round Bar Supplier in India, Our Carbon Steel Round Bar has exceptional mechanical qualities that provide long-term durability in crucial applications. In India's industrial environment, our precision-engineered equipment function well and are long lasting.

Carbon Steel Round Bar Mechanical Properties
Mechanical Properties Metric Imperial
Tensile Strength, Ultimate 400 – 550 MPa 58000 – 79800 psi
Tensile Strength, Yield 250 MPa 36300 psi
Elongation at Break (in 200 mm) 20.0 % 20.0 %
Elongation at Break (in 50 mm) 23.0 % 23.0 %
Modulus of Elasticity 200 GPa 29000 ksi
Bulk Modulus (typical for steel) 140 GPa 20300 ksi
Poissons Ratio 0.260 0.260
Shear Modulus 79.3 GPa 11500 ksi


Carbon steel round bars are strategically installed in a wide range of key applications throughout industries, thanks to their strength, adaptability, and low cost. Carbon steel round bars are used in structural elements such as beams and columns in the construction industry to provide structures and infrastructure with necessary support and stability. Carbon steel round bars are also strategically used in the manufacture of fasteners, such as bolts and screws, where their strength and machinability contribute to dependable and strong couplings in a variety of applications.

Carbon Steel Round Bar Manufacturer in India

Carbon Steel Round Bar WIDELY USE IN?

  • Oil and Gas Sector: Carbon steel is used in the oil and gas industry to build pipelines, drill components, and other infrastructure because of its durability and weldability.
  • General Manufacturing: Carbon steel round bars are used in a variety of production processes for components such as tools, couplings, and shafts due to their versatility and machinability.
  • Agricultural Machinery: Carbon steel is used to manufacture agricultural equipment such as plough components, axles, and shafts, where its strength and endurance are required to survive harsh circumstances.
  • Railway Components: Due to their strength and ability to endure enormous loads, they are used to fabricate railway components such as axles and connecting rods, assuring the reliability of railway systems.

Carbon Steel Round Bars Weight Chart

Carbon Steel Round Bars Weight Chart
US Bar Metric Japanese Canadian/ASTM
Diameter(Inch) Carbon Steel Bar Size Diameter (millimeter) Carbon Steel Bar Size Diameter (millimeter) Carbon Steel Bar Size Diameter (millimeter2) Carbon Steel Bar Size
0.250 #2 5 5 6 6 100 10M
0.375 #3 5.5 5.5 10 10 200 15M
0.500 #4 6 6 13 13 300 20M
0.625 #5 7 7 16 16 500 25M
0.750 #6 8 8 19 19 700 30M
0.875 #7 9 9 22 22 1000 35M
1.000 #8 10 10 25 25 1500 45M
1.125 #9 11 11 29 29 2500 55M
1.250 #10 12 12 32 32    
1.375 #11 14 14 35 35    
1.500 #12 16 16 38 38    
1.625 #13 18 18 41 41    
1.750 #14 20 20 44 44    
1.875 #15 22 22 48 48    
2.000 #16 25 25 51 51    
2.250 #18 28 28 57 57    
    32 32        
    36 36        
    40 40        
    44 44        
    50 50        

Things To Consider When Buying Carbon Steel Round Bar

Most common uses for Carbon Steel Round Bar

  • Architecture: Our solutions have a significant impact on the construction of exterior walls, rooftop systems, railings, and the operational framework of windows and doors, demonstrating adaptability across multiple structural aspects.
  • Foodservice: Tables and counters, sinks and appliances, and food preparation equipment are all necessary components of a fully equipped kitchen.
  • Industrial: Chemical processing equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, maritime equipment, and oil and gas equipment.
  • Other: Medical equipment, jewellery, and musical instruments.

Application & uses of Carbon Steel Round Bar

  • Sugar Industry
  • Power Industry
  • Shipbuilding Industry
  • Mechanical and Plant engineering
  • Food, Beverage, and Dairy
  • Oil and Gas Plant
  • Process Instrumentation

Supplying Carbon Steel Round Bar to Following Cities: is a leading Carbon Steel Round Bar Manufacturer in India. We proudly supply high-quality Round Bar to major cities in India. We are known in the market as the India’s leading SS Round Bar Supplier for a long time.

Cities We Supply in India
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Raigad Pune Nashik Nagpur Mumbai
Ahmednagar Rajkot Kolkata Vadodara Jalandhar

Carbon Steel Round Bar Manufacturer in India

Carbon Steel Round Bar Manufacturer in India
Carbon Steel Round Bar Supplier in India


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