Carbon Steel Fasteners Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Carbon Steel Fasteners Manufacturer & Supplier in India is one of the leading Carbon Steel Fasteners Manufacturer in India. Carbon Steel Fasteners serve a crucial role in an assortment of industries due to their strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness. These fasteners, usually constructed of iron and carbon, include a wide variety of bolts, screws, nuts, and other connecting components. As a Carbon Steel Fasteners Supplier in India, We have the adaptability to make it a popular choice for fasteners in the construction, automotive, manufacturing, and infrastructure industries.

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Carbon Steel Fasteners Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Carbon Steel Fasteners

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Carbon Steel Fasteners Manufacturers - Specifications

  • Fasteners/ Bolts Size: M2, M2.5, M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, M14, M16, M20, M24, M30, M36 to M160
  • Length: 3 mm to 200 mm
  • Standard: DIN, UNI, ISO, JIS, GB, IS, BS, ASME, ANSI, ASTM and all International Standards
  • Fasteners In Form of : Hex, Square, Round, Threading as per Gauge Etc.
  • Fasteners Packing: canton, pallet, Small Boxs / carton / pallet, or customer request


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WHAT ARE Carbon Steel Fasteners?

A fluid measurement system employs a variety of Washers, including the Carbon Steel Fasteners, which serve as the primary safeguard for safety and quality within the system. These Washers are utilized for a range of functions, including measuring, isolating, blocking, and bleeding static pressure, venting, pressure gauge differential pressure, and more. We are a leading Carbon Steel Fasteners Manufacturer and other different countries. The Instrumentation control Washers are operated under the guidance of a controller in order to effectively manage and regulate the flow of fluid. This enables precise control over various aspects of the process quality, including but not limited to level, temperature, and pressure, as well as direct control of flow rate.


We are a top notch Carbon Steel Fasteners Supplier, The most asked questions from client is How to choose the right instrumentation manifold Washers. The selection of appropriate instrumentation manifold Washers is of utmost importance in guaranteeing industrial processes’ safety, dependability, and efficiency. In order to arrive at a well-informed decision, it is imperative to carefully contemplate a multitude of pivotal factors.

Firstly, it is necessary to evaluate the application’s specific requirements, including pressure, temperature, and the type of fluid or gas being controlled. Secondly, the valve type, such as needle, ball, or double block and bleed Washers, should be determined based on the desired flow control and shut-off capabilities. The construction material should also be considered, ensuring compatibility with the process media and environment.

Best Carbon Steel Fasteners Suppliers - Available Stock is a leading Carbon Steel Fasteners Manufacturer in India. Their product line provides a wide range of options, ensuring that customers have a choice of high-quality Carbon Steel Fasteners that are tailored to their specific application needs. Carbon Steel Fasteners available in various sizes and types some of the types mention below.

Carbon Steel Fasteners Chemical Composition

A premier Carbon Steel Fasteners Manufacturer in India, specializing in Carbon Steel Fasteners carefully ensures superior quality through a precise chemical composition. Our Carbon Steel Fasteners are reliable, durable, and function optimally, meeting and exceeding industry requirements in India and beyond.

Carbon Steel Fasteners Chemical Composition
BS 970: 1955 Chemical Composition
C % Si % Mn % Ni % Cr/strong> % Mo % S % P %
EN3B 0.25Max 0.35Max 1.0Max 0.06Max 0.06Max
EN1A 0.07/0.15 0.10Max. 0.80/1.20 0.20/0.30 0.07Max
EN8 0.35/0.45 0.05/0.35 0.60/1.00 0.06Max 0.06Max
EN9 0.50/0.60 0.05/0.35 0.50/0.80 0.06Max 0.06Max
EN16 0.30/0.40 0.10/0.35 1.30/1.80 0.20/0.35 0.05Max 0.05Max
EN19 0.35/0.45 0.10/0.35 0.50/0.80 0.90/1.50 0.20/0.40 0.05Max 0.05Max
EN24 0.35/0.45 0.10/0.35 0.45/0.70 1.30/1.80 0.90/1.40 0.20/0.35 0.05Max 0.05Max

WHERE DOES AN Carbon Steel Fasteners CAN BE USED?

Carbon Steel Fasteners are widely used in a variety of industries due to their strength, durability, and low cost. These fasteners are critical in the construction industry because they link structural components while also offering stability and reliability in a variety of tasks. Carbon Steel Fasteners are used in a variety of construction applications, including attaching steel beams and frames and building concrete forms. In addition, they are commonly used in infrastructure building, such as bridges and highways, where their strength protects the durability and structural integrity of these critical components.

Carbon Steel Fasteners Mechanical Properties

As a Major Carbon Steel Fasteners Manufacturer in India, Our Carbon Steel Fasteners have exceptional mechanical qualities that ensure durability and lifespan in crucial applications. Our precision-engineered instruments deliver outstanding performance and durability in India's industrial landscape.

Carbon Steel Fasteners Mechanical Properties
Mechanical Properties ISO 898-1 Bolting
Grade Material Size Range Tensile Strength MPa min. Proof Strength MPa min. Core Rockwell Hardness Yield Strength MPa min.
Min. Max.
4.6 Low or Medium Carbon Steel M5 – M39 3/16” – 1-1/2” 400 225 B67 B99.5 240
8.8 Medium Carbon Steel Q+T M5 – M16 3/16” – 5/8” M18 – M39 11/16” – 1-1/2” 800 830 580 600 C22 C23 C32 C34 640 660
10.9 Alloy Steel Q+T M5 – M39 3/16” – 1-1/2” 1040 830 C32 C39 940
12.9 Alloy Steel Q+T M1.6 – M39 #0 – 1-1/2” 1220 970 C39 C44 1100

DIFFERENT TYPES OF AVAILABLE Carbon Steel Fasteners is a popular Carbon Steel Fasteners Supplier in India, We supply Different grades of Carbon Steel Fasteners, Some of the grades mention below.


Carbon Steel Fasteners, known for their robustness and durability, are strategically put in important applications requiring strong connections. These fasteners are used extensively in the construction sector to secure structural elements ranging from steel frames to concrete forms. Their strong grip and load-bearing qualities make them important in projects that require reliable connections, assuring the stability and longevity of structures and infrastructure.

Carbon Steel Fasteners Manufacturer in India

Carbon Steel Fasteners WIDELY USE IN?

  • Construction Industry: Carbon Steel Fasteners are essential in construction because they connect structural parts, secure frames, and provide stability in buildings and infrastructure projects.
  • Automotive Sector: Carbon Steel Fasteners are frequently used in automotive assembly to secure components, adding to the vehicle's overall structural integrity and safety.
  • Infrastructure Development: Carbon Steel Fasteners are used in infrastructure projects including bridges, highways, and trains because their strength and longevity help to keep structures stable.
  • Mining Industry: Carbon Steel Fasteners are used in mining operations to secure components in heavy machines that help with mineral extraction and processing.
  • Agricultural Machinery: Carbon Steel Fasteners are utilized in the assembly and maintenance of agricultural machinery, where strength and endurance are required to survive harsh agricultural conditions.

Carbon Steel Fasteners Equivalent Material Grade

Carbon Steel Fasteners Equivalent Material Grade
Grade Name Werkstoff Number ASTM BS Temperature Use
Durehete 900 T22 42CrMo5.6 1.7233 BS1506 631-850 Up to 480ºC
Durehete 950 T31 40CrMoV4.6 1.7711 ASTM A193 B16 BS1506 671-850 Up to 510ºC
Durehete 1055 T41 20CrMoVTiB4.10 1.7729 BS1506 681-820 Up to 570ºC
25CrMo4 1.7218 Up to 400ºC
21CrMoV5.7 1.7709 Up to 540ºC
42CrMo4 1.7225 ASTM A193 B7 BS1506 630-860 Up to 450ºC


Carbon Steel Fasteners provide several benefits that make them a popular choice in a variety of applications. One significant advantage is their extreme strength and durability. Carbon steel supplemented with carbon content gives these fasteners excellent tensile strength, allowing them to bear heavy loads and pressures. This strength guarantees that Carbon Steel Fasteners preserve structural integrity in harsh conditions, extending the life and dependability of connected components in construction, automotive, and industrial situations. Additionally, Carbon Steel Fasteners are inexpensive, striking a compromise between performance and price, making them a viable option for a wide range of tasks.

A further important benefit of Carbon Steel Fasteners is their adaptability in a variety of settings and industries. Carbon Steel Fasteners, whether utilized in construction, manufacturing, or infrastructure development, display flexibility in a variety of situations while providing secure connections. Their compatibility with a variety of coatings and finishes improves corrosion resistance and ensures long-term durability. Carbon Steel Fasteners' adaptability makes them a go-to solution for projects that demand strong and trustworthy connections, contributing to their extensive use in a variety of industries.

Things To Consider When Buying Carbon Steel Fasteners

Most common uses for Carbon Steel Fasteners

  • Architecture: Our products make major contributions to the construction of building exteriors, rooftop infrastructure, fences, and the operational framework of doors and windows, showing their versatility across various structural elements.
  • Foodservice: Tables and counters, sinks and appliances, and food-making equipment are all key components of a well-equipped kitchen, to make sure cooking spaces run smoothly.
  • Industrial: Our products are indispensable in a variety of industrial sectors, such as the production of chemical processing equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, marine structures, and oil and gas facilities, showing their adaptability across various fields.
  • Other: Medical tools, jewellery, and musical instruments.

Application & uses of Carbon Steel Fasteners

  • Sugar Industry
  • Power Industry
  • Shipbuilding Industry
  • Mechanical and Plant engineering
  • Food, Beverage, and Dairy
  • Oil and Gas Plant
  • Process Instrumentation

Supplying Carbon Steel Fasteners to Following Cities: is a leading Carbon Steel Fasteners Manufacturer in India. We proudly supply high-quality Screws to major cities in India. We are known in the market as the India’s leading Carbon Steel Fasteners Supplier for a long time.

Cities We Supply in India
Cities We Supply
Raigad Pune Nashik Nagpur Mumbai
Ahmednagar Rajkot Kolkata Vadodara Jalandhar

Carbon Steel Fasteners Manufacturer in India

Carbon Steel Fasteners Manufacturer in India
Carbon Steel Fasteners Supplier in India


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