Butterfly Valves Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Butterfly Valves Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Piping Projects India is one of the leading Butterfly Valves Manufacturer in India. These Butterfly Valves come in a variety of sizes, forms, and dimensions, and can be customized to meet our customers' exact needs. We offer and distribute Butterfly Valves that have been thoroughly tested. Our organization is one of the largest Butterfly Valves Supplier in India. Butterfly Valves undergo numerous toughness and hardness tests before being provided to our customers.

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Butterfly Valves Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves Manufacturer in India
Hydraulic Counterweight Butterfly Valves Manufacturer in India
Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves Supplier in India

Butterfly Valves Manufacturers - Specifications

  • Design: API 609 , ANSI B16.34 , BS 5155
  • Face to Face: API 609 , BS 5155 , ANSI B16.10
  • End to End: Wafer, Lugged, Flanged
  • Speciality: Double Offset / Tripal Offset.
  • Special: NACE MR-01-75 / 0103


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What is Butterfly Valves?

Butterfly Valves are a sort of quarter-turn valve that regulates the flow of liquids or gases in a pipeline. They are made up of a circular disc or vane and a shaft that runs through its diameter. When the valve is closed, the disc is perpendicular to the flow, obstructing it completely. When the valve is fully open, the disc is parallel to the flow direction, enabling free passage.

One of the main reasons for adopting titanium in valve design is its high strength-to-weight ratio. Titanium is renowned for its lightweight yet robust nature, making it an ideal material for high-stress applications like engine valves. This feature enables Butterfly Valves to endure high engine speeds and temperatures while retaining structural integrity and reliability.

Best Butterfly Valves Suppliers - Available Stock

Piping Projects India is a leading Butterfly Valves Manufacturer in India. This provides a diverse range of options, ensuring that customers have access to high-quality Butterfly Valves that may be tailored to their individual application needs. Butterfly Valves are available in several diameters and individual options, some of which are seen here.

Butterfly Valves Chemical Composition

A prominent Butterfly Valves Manufacturer in India, specializes in ensuring exceptional quality through precise chemical composition. Our Butterfly Valves is dependable, robust, and performs optimally, meeting and exceeding industry standards in India and elsewhere.

Butterfly Valves Chemical Composition
Material Chemical Composition Typical Values
Cast Iron Iron (Fe), Carbon (C), Silicon (Si), Manganese (Mn), Sulfur (S), Phosphorus (P) C: 2.0-4.0%, Si: 1.0-3.0%, Mn: 0.5-1.0%, P: 0.1-0.3%, S: 0.02-0.1%
Ductile Iron Iron (Fe), Carbon (C), Silicon (Si), Manganese (Mn), Sulfur (S), Phosphorus (P) C: 3.2-3.9%, Si: 1.8-2.8%, Mn: 0.2-0.5%, P: 0.02-0.04%, S: 0.005-0.02%
Carbon Steel Iron (Fe), Carbon (C), Manganese (Mn), Silicon (Si), Sulfur (S), Phosphorus (P) C: 0.05-0.25%, Mn: 0.3-0.9%, Si: 0.1-0.35%, P: 0.04% max, S: 0.05% max
Stainless Steel Iron (Fe), Chromium (Cr), Nickel (Ni), Molybdenum (Mo), Carbon (C), Silicon (Si), Manganese (Mn) Cr: 10-30%, Ni: 8-12%, Mo: 2-3%, C: 0.08% max, Si: 1.00% max, Mn: 2.00% max
Bronze Copper (Cu), Tin (Sn), Aluminum (Al), Silicon (Si), Manganese (Mn) Cu: 80-95%, Sn: 5-20%, Al: 0-5%, Si: 0-5%, Mn: 0-5%
Brass Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn), Lead (Pb), Aluminum (Al) Cu: 55-70%, Zn: 30-45%, Pb: 0-3.5%, Al: 0-5%

WHERE CAN Butterfly Valves BE USED?

Butterfly Valves are versatile components that are widely employed in a variety of industries and applications requiring efficient flow control. Butterfly Valves are mostly used in water and wastewater treatment plants. They control the flow of water, chemicals, and wastewater in treatment processes such filtration, sedimentation, and disinfection. They are commonly used in cooling towers, chiller units, and air handling units to control flow rates and alter system performance in response to demand.

Butterfly Valves Mechanical Properties

As a top Butterfly Valves Supplier in India, Our Butterfly Valves offers superior mechanical properties, ensuring long-term endurance in critical applications. In India's industrial climate, our precision-engineered equipment performs well and lasts long.

Butterfly Valves Mechanical Properties
Material Tensile Strength (MPa) Yield Strength (MPa) Hardness (Brinell) Elastic Modulus (GPa)
Cast Iron 180 - 220 130 - 180 150 - 250 100 - 130
Ductile Iron 300 - 400 200 - 300 170 - 240 170 - 220
Carbon Steel 400 - 600 250 - 450 120 - 200 200 - 210
Stainless Steel 600 - 900 250 - 600 150 - 300 190 - 210
Bronze 200 - 400 100 - 300 70 - 150 100 - 110
Brass 300 - 550 150 - 400 80 - 140 90 - 105


Butterfly Valves are used in a variety of sectors due to their versatility, efficiency, and ease of use. Water and wastewater treatment plants are one of the most common places Butterfly Valves are installed. They govern the flow of water, chemicals, and wastewater through various treatment processes such as filtration, sedimentation, and disinfection. Butterfly Valves are essential in these systems because they regulate the flow of water, glycol, or air, which controls temperature, humidity, and ventilation levels.

Butterfly Valves Manufacturer in India

Butterfly Valves WIDELY USE IN?

  • Oil and Gas Industry: Butterfly Valves control the flow of crude oil, natural gas, and other hydrocarbons in pipelines, refineries, and petrochemical plants.
  • Power Generation Facilities: Butterfly Valves regulate the flow of water, steam, and other fluids through power plants' boilers, turbines, and cooling systems.
  • Marine and Shipbuilding: Butterfly Valves control the flow of saltwater, ballast, and other fluids on ships, offshore platforms, and maritime equipment.
  • Food and Beverage Processing: Butterfly Valves regulate the flow of liquids, additives, and cleaning solutions in food processing facilities and breweries.

Butterfly Valves Sizes

Butterfly Valves Sizes
DN mm A B C D
50 50 43 74 113
65 65 46 81 121
80 80 46 89 128
100 100 52 105 146
125 125 56 117 158
150 150 56 140 174
200 200 60 165 198
250 250 68 205 245
300 300 78 230 270
350 336 78 255 288
400 386 102 310 350
450 436 114 335 380
500 486 127 370 410
600 586 154 420 490

Things To Consider When Buying Butterfly Valves

Most Common Uses for Butterfly Valves

  • Architecture: Our materials have a considerable influence on the design of exterior walls, roofing systems, railings, and functional frameworks.
  • Foodservice: A fully equipped kitchen must feature tables and counters, sinks and appliances, as well as food preparation tools.
  • Industrial: Chemical processing equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, maritime equipment, and oil and gas equipment.
  • Other: Medical supplies, jewels, and musical instruments.
Petrochemical Industry Power Plant Chemical Industry
Filtration, Disinfection and Chemicals Oil & Gas

Application & uses of Butterfly Valves

  • Sugar Industry
  • Power Industry
  • Shipbuilding Industry
  • Mechanical and Plant engineering
  • Food, Beverage, and Dairy
  • Oil and Gas Plant
  • Process Instrumentation

Supplying Butterfly Valves to Following Cities:

Piping Projects India is a leading Butterfly Valves Manufacturer in India. We proudly supply high-quality Butterfly Valves to major cities in India. We are known in the market as the India’s leading Butterfly Valves Supplier for a long time.

Cities We Supply in India
Cities We Supply
Raigad Pune Nashik Nagpur Mumbai
Ahmednagar Rajkot Kolkata Vadodara Jalandhar

Butterfly Valves Manufacturer in India

Butterfly Valves Manufacturer in India
Butterfly Valves Supplier in India


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